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About US

Aapnu Gujarat is a multilanguage daily News Portal in India. It is a leading News Portal in Gujarat.
It enables us to be at the forefront in providing latest and the breaking news at all hours. We always aim to cover each and every segment of the society not withstanding their cast, religion, economic status and give due emphasis to all the adverse viewpoints.
We are happy to intimate you about a notable milestone we have touched. ‘Aapnu Gujarat’ has most successfully and brilliantly completed many years of exemplary journalistic career in Gujarat state. Aapnu Gujarat started the journey by starting weekly newspaper on 15th August 1991 and later on also started daily newspaper on 26th January 2008.
It has won the credibility of all the segments of the state, as well as of our society by giving quality news, studious articles, and many other informative articles liked by one and all.
We feel indebted to the society and nation, and therefore we always give prominence to subjects like moral awareness, patriotism, social welfare women upliftment, social justice, child welfare, education and extending horizons of knowledge, demands and its fulfilment so far as deprived people of the society is concerned.
At the same time, we look forward for nourishment of Indian culture, literature and philosophy. It has also paid its attention to political reforms and its critical neutral study.
This is the reason why Aapnu Gujarat has succeeded so well and achieved this much popularity and circulation all over India.
On the social side it has been our endeavour to connect to the society on a person to person basis by drawing attention and highlighting the difficulties and limitations faced by the common man in order to pave way for discussions or policy formation with an aim of providing solutions in all the sectors and sections of the society.
We at “Aapnu Gujarat” follow a kind of nonaligned policy and concentrate only to provide the factual information without any prejudice to whom so ever may be in the ruling side. This eventually make us dear to the people who wish to have the facts straight without any manoeuvre to change the nature of information by blending it with individualistic viewpoints. The contrast between the news pages and the editorial section is sufficient enough to prove this point.

Thanking You
Deven Verma